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Xtreme range of video capture cards

Video Capture Cards

Ranging from 4K capture, to small profile cards, MSV have a solution to meet all requirements. MSV's Xtreme range of capture cards provide high performance features which allow for unparalleled flexibility and use in a wide variety of applications.

Please see below for the latest range of our Video Capture Cards to provide HD & UHD capture including source signals HDMI (4K2K), DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, DisplayPort, VGA, SD S-Video, Composite plus IP decoders for video streaming, medical imaging, video conferencing, machine vision, display walls and video walls.

The future of the AV industry is 4K. The XtremeDV-DP2, SDI4 & HD4+ range, made up of DisplayPort1.2, SDI and HDMI inputs offers 4K capture up to 60 frames per second, 10-bit colour transfer and HDCP compliance. The range is ideal for a variety of markets where high end video capture is needed, including Medical, Broadcast, Defence and Security.

The XtremeDV-SDI, HD2+ & HD1+ range is all about built-in, synchronised, audio capture, making the cards ideal for lecture capture, web casting and video conferencing.

MSV’s XtremeRGB range covers a wide array of applications such as lecture capture, medical imaging and video conferencing. The XtremeRGB range consists of PCIe cards with DVI or SDI inputs, all of which can be used in a VSN wall controller system if needed.

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  • XtremeDV-SDI4

    4 Channel 3G-SDI capture, developed for capturing multiple High Definition SDI video signals, the XtremeDV-SDI4 is t...
  • XtremeDV-DP2

    The professional AV market has begun to adopt 4k UHD technologies, with integrators and system builders demanding hi...
  • XtremeDV-HD4+

    The XtremeDV-HD4+ has four channels of HDMI 1.4, two supporting 297MHz (3840×2160 at 60 fps) and two supporting...
  • XtremeDV-SDI

    A capture card with three independent channels of video capture for 3G SDI, DVI and Composite video, with full analo...
  • XtremeDV-HD2+

    A capture card with two channels of HD DVI video and an extra composite video input all operating simultaneously and...
  • XtremeDV-HD1+

    Provides simultaneous SD and HD video capture through one channel of DVI-I or HDMI capture and one channel of compos...
  • XtremeDV-HD4

    Capture four DVI-I High Definition DVI streams in a single capture card. The XtremeDV-HD4 is an eight lane PCI Expre...
  • XtremeRGB-Ex1+

    The XtremeRGB-Ex1+ captures the Analog/ DVI data and triple buffers it into onboard storage. This data is then copie...
  • XtremeRGB-Ex2+

    This video capture has two complete capture channels supporting up to 1920×1200 DVI or 2048×1536 Analog re...
  • XtremeRGB-Ex4+

    This video capture card has five complete video capture channels supporting a single channel for up to 1920×108...
  • XtremeDV-SDI2

    The XtremeDV-SDI2 is a dual channel PCI Express HD-SDI video capture card. The capture card supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI ...
  • XtremeRGB-Ex8

    The XtremeRGB-Ex8 is an eight channel PCI Express video capture card. The card supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM in both ...
  • XtremeDV-SQX

    Advanced Dedicated IP Streaming Decoding Technology Decode multiple streams simultaneously: Up to three 4096x2160p a...